About Me

My name is Carole Jungbluth CMS-CHT

I am a member of the International Board of Hypnotherapy.


My purpose is to help you live a better more satisfying life.

I am conveniently located in Muskego Wisconsin, easily accessible to the greater Milwaukee and outlying areas.

I was introduced to hypnosis as a young adult and have always wanted to be a hypnotist. Hypnosis is the most relaxing state a person can achieve.  I personally use self hypnosis to fall asleep quickly and sleep deeply with continuous hours of uninterrupted. I have retrained my overactive bladder to realize it is a muscle that can stretch and accommodate more urine. 


  • Learn how to control your anxiety at your dentist or doctor appointment.

  • Improve your immune system by learning to relax wherever you are.

  • Improve self-esteem, feel good about yourself.

  • Do you have an important test coming up....."I am calm, relaxed and confident. I know everything I need to know, when I need to know it."

Discover the tools you need to:

  • Stop smoking

  • Improve test taking

  • Change eating habits - make healthier food choices on a subconscious level

  • Move past an unpleasant experience from your past

  • PREPARE FOR SURGERY: less anxiety, recover quickly and heal faster.

  • Feel more comfortable speaking to a group.

  • Improve your immune system.   

  • Learn to meditate




Hypnotherapy was something that in my life I never thought I would be able to do. I thought it was something I would only see on television or YouTube. I was always fascinated by it. The aspect of letting someone control you, but as I did more research about the topic my opinion changed. I wasn't only surprised of what could be achieved through hypnotherapy; from weightloss to letting go of phobias, but how in control a person is when undergoing this process. I was a person who had a phobia, it was one that many people thought of it being silly. To me it was a phobia that took over for me because it was getting in the way of my daily life. I knew I had a problem and when I meet Carole she understood me. I first talked with Carole to see if hypnotherapy was for me. Turns out that me making the first call was a start to a new and improved life. From the first session I had with Carole I already started to feel a deep change in myself. This session showed me the power I had over myself. I knew that at any moment in our session I could open my eyes and leave. I didn't want to, I was getting to know a deeper part of me. The part that was holding myself back from me meeting all my goals. I got to overpower myself with the guidance of Carole. For anyone who is afraid of hypnotherapy because of a horror story someone told them or a movie they watched. Let me explain to you that hypnotherapy doesn't work for everybody, but not in the scary sense. When someone wants to go under hypnosis they have to be open-minded and willing to do it. Do your research and talk with a hypnotherapist who can further explain any questions or concerns you may have. Don't write it off to quickly, it's an amazing experience. One I believe everyone should have the privilege to do.


Delianis Mateo-Cartagena

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Carole Jungbluth CMS-CHT



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